Saturday 01 August, 2015 05:23 am
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Separate pay scale for Bangladesh Bank under consideration

Separate pay scale for Bangladesh Bank under considerationThe Ministry of Finance and the Bangladesh Bank will hold a meeting today to discuss a separate pay scale for the officials and employees of the central bank, said official sources.
The meeting will be held between the finance secretary and a deputy governor of the Bangladesh Bank, added sources.
Most of the central banks in the world have separate pay scales and the Bangladesh Bank should not be an exception, said a high-level official.
'The central bank has reduced the size of its manpower from 7,400 to 5,200 under the restructuring programme that has been continuing for the last two years,' he said.
Many entry-level officials with the rank of assistant director left the bank as the private sector was offering higher salaries, so the central bank should immediately increase the pay scale, he said.
The Bangladesh Bank formulated guidelines on merger, amalgamation and IT, and is now working to develop an automated payment system, and has also modernised the training academy, he added.
In the Pakistan period the central bank had a separate pay scale, but in 1973 the Bangladesh Bank's pay scale was aligned with the government's pay scale. Since then there has been a demand for a separate pay scale for the bank.
The last Pay Commission also recommended a separate pay scale for the central bank

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